Mathematics Department Launches Singaporean Mathematics Enrichment Program

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Created on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

To strengthen the problem solving skills of the YS 7 learners, the Mathematics Department of Angelicum College launched the Singaporean Mathematics Enrichment Program for YS5-7 learners this academic year. In partnership with Koobits from Singapore, the Singaporean Mathematics Enrichment Program (SMEP) is an online learning platform which aims to increase and improve learners’ mastery of mathematical skills using several engaging activities including unlimited quality mathematics questions, heuristics teaching videos, and math games.

 One of the key features of the enrichment program is the integration of Singaporean methods in solving mathematical problems. These methods rely heavily on mastery of concepts than memorization, and this can be attained through problem solving. Moreover, the bar modelling approach to problem solving increases learners’ comprehension of the problem, and clarifies confusion about the given problems. Through the integration of these methods with the established and familiar methods of solving problems, the learners are expected to be more confident in responding to mathematical problems.

Another key feature of the SMEP is the use of online platform in promoting problem solving. Each learner has a personalized account and learning is also individualized and self-paced. With the abundance of teaching resources and mathematics question bank, with the inclusion of online games, learners are more invigorated to engage in the learning process. This program takes advantage of how technology can reach out to millennial learners.

Learning became more fun and challenging for the YS5-7 learners, as learners go to the computer laboratory once a week to accomplish their assigned academic tasks. The facilitators who are handling the mathematics laboratory classes are Mrs. Sheila Ritual, Ms. Andrea Grace Jusay, Ms. May Catherine Tumaliuan, and Mr. Alvin Barcelona.


Article by Mr. Alvin Barcelona

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