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Created on Friday, 20 April 2018

The annual Sportsfest of the Collegiate Department was held last April 2 to 5, 2018. The 4-day event was spearheaded by the Student Council officers with the theme “Our Blood. Our Sweat. Your Tears.” It aims to promote sportsmanship, camaraderie, and unity among the students. It was the perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy since the midterms week have just ended. The four teams that competed to be this year’s overall champion are the Blue Sharks headed by Mr. Raymund Baesa and Team Captain Rengem Palogan, Green Pythons headed by Mr. Glenn Reynon and Team Captain Sandra Fajardo, Red Stallions headed by Ms. Evylou Bonquin and Team Captain Jay Divinagracia, and Yellow Phoenix headed by Ms. Maiden Gan and Team Captain Pauleen Pajarillo. The different teams have shown their creativity by coming up with their own team shirt designs and logo to represent them.

 During the first day of the event, the students gathered for the parade and raising of banners. This was followed by the opening remarks of Mr. Jerry Agbayani and the oathtaking at the St. Vincent Ferrer Gymnasium. The different teams actively participated in the Palarong Pinoy prepared by the Student Council officers such as Patintero, Agawan base, and Mommy Went to the Market. Students enjoyed a sumptuous lunch during the Kainang Salo Salo. In the afternoon, the most awaited ball games were witnessed by everyone. As compared to the previous sportsfests, a new activity was added, which was the Badminton Doubles.  The second and third day were dedicated to the Volleyball, Basketball Girls and Boys, and Badminton. During the last day, the students gathered again for the Mass presided by Fr. Rudolf Seño, O.P. at the Chapel. It was followed by the exhibition game of the alumni and all-stars at the St. Vincent Gymnasium. In the afternoon, the crowd cheered for the participants of the Mr. and Ms. Sportsfest 2018, Singing, and Dance competition. It was such a delight to see the representatives of each team perform and share their talents on stage. The Dean’s Listers and the Rector’s Listers were also awarded during the event. The recipients of the awards for this year’s sportsfest are the following:

1.     Most Bibo Kid Award- Naomi Lapuz

2.     Best Cheerer Award from the Red Stallions -Jam Leocadio

3.     Best Cheerer Award from the Yellow Phoenix - Tyrone Balbino

4.     Best Cheerer Award from the Green Python- Micholai Baluya

5.     Best Cheerer Award from the Blue Sharks-  Adia Rafio

6.     Best in Team Shirt Design Award – Blue Sharks

7.     Best in Overall Attendance Award -  Red Stallions

8.     Best in Mass Attendance Award - Red Stallions

9.     Badminton Champions - Green Team Players

a.     Gren Abary

b.     Giel Aragon

c.     Sandro Veloso

10.  Basketball Girls – Mythical Five

a.     Blue Team – Krislyn Palisoc

b.     Yellow Team –Karen Resuello

c.     Blue Team – Evangeline Angeles

d.     Green Team – Gren Abary

e.     Red Team – Christine Llemos

11.  Basketball Girls – MVP – Krislyn Palisoc

12.  Volleyball – Mythical Six

a.     Green Team – Steven Ng

b.     Red Team - Jayvee Mahawan

c.     Blue Team – Arvin Daulat

d.     Yellow Team – Rodgene Paderes

e.     Red Team – Jay Divinagracia

f.      Yellow Team – Arthur Licud

13.  Volleyball – MVP – Jay Divinagracia

14.  Basketball Boys – Mythical Five

a.     Blue Team – Maverick Tadiar

b.     Red Team – Ivan Bajaro

c.     Green Team – Agheous Vidar

d.     Yellow Team – Tyrone Balbino

e.     Green Team – Mico Dimaunahan

15.  Basketball Boys – MVP – Agheous Vidar

16.  Champion of the Singing Competition – Yellow Phoenix

17.  Champion of the Dance Competition – Red Stallions

18.  Mr. Sportsfest 2018 – Best in Talent – Green Pythons

19.  Mr. Sportsfest 2018 – Best in Sports Attire -  Green Pythons

20.  Mr. Sportsfest 2018 – Best in Formal Attire – Green Pythons

21.  Ms. Sportsfest 2018 – Best in Talent – Green Pythons

22.  Ms. Sportsfest 2018 – Best in Sports Attire – Green Pythons

23.  Ms. Sportsfest 2018 – Best in Formal Attire – Green Pythons

24.  Mr. Sportsfest 2018 – Blue Sharks

25.  Ms. Sportsfest 2018 – Green Pythons

26.  3rd Runner-up – Yellow

27.  2nd Runner-up – Blue

28.  1st Runner-up – Green

29.  Overall Champion – Red


The Sportsfest concluded with Red Stallions hailed as the overall champion, followed by Green Pythons, Blue Sharks, and Yellow Phoenix in the first, second, and third place, respectively. Indeed, it was a great week for the college students as they were able to witness the hidden talents and efforts of the different representatives.

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