Learners Dazzle at the Dance’N’Beats Field Demonstration 2018-2019

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Created on Monday, 18 March 2019

Field demonstration is an event wherein Elementary and High school learners showcase their talents, with the aim of building up their confidence and fostering teamwork and friendships among peers. This year, UST Angelicum College took a different turn with a theme promoting the hits that were well-known during the 80’s up to the 2000’s. After all the hardships during practices and non-stop preparations, the learners got to perform their dances in front of everyone who support them, such as their family, friends, visitors, and school officials. From the marvelous costumes to the outstanding choreography the learners executed, fun and excitement were evident during their performances.

Dance’N’Beats was organized by the MAPEH Department of UST Angelicum College. It was held last February 22, 2019 from 8am to 12noon. Ms. Catherine C. Dizon, Department Coordinator, emphasized the purpose of the program, which was to demonstrate the well-known hits during the 80’s to the 2000’s through creative showcasing of dance through the beats of each music.

The hot and sunny weather did not stop but rather challenged the very determined learners from YS 2 to YS 11 to wow the crowd with their astonishing dance routines. The football field of the school was also filled with different colors from the creative props and costumes of the participants. The activity was full of energy as the learners exhibited everything they’ve worked hard for amidst the loud beats of music and proud cheers of the crowd.

The field demo did not only serve as a spectacle for everyone in UST Angelicum College. It also reminded those who participated and watched that there is more than just dancing to a certain beat, that they should never forget to dance from the heart, which helps them express what they truly feel through dancing. It also reminds everyone that the activity should be more than just winning, because the moment one finishes performing is the moment one gains fulfilment from all the hardships and efforts done. The champions were the YS 4, YS 7, and the YS 11 levels.

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