1. A family with two or more children enrolled officially at Angelicum College shall be entitled to a discount on tuition fees as follows:

a. 2 brothers/sisters - 10% in tuition fee of the youngest
b. 3 brothers/sisters - 20% in tuition fee of the youngest
c. 4 brothers/sisters - 50% in tuition fee of the youngest
d. 5 brothers/sisters - 100% in tuition fee of the youngest

2. The family discount can be availed only by the immediate family and cannot be extended to nieces and relatives.

3. The discount applies in cases where a parent enrolls in any of Angelicum College’s courses or basic education program together with their children.

4. Regular employees of Angelicum College who are already enjoying the educational benefits under Art. XVII of the CBA are not covered under the family discount.

5. The discount shall be applied only upon full payment of the total fees of the covered enrolled brothers/sisters.

6. The parent of student availing of the family discount must fill in the Application for Family Discount Form which shall be submitted to the registrar’s office for checking and the Treasurer’s office for validation and discount crediting.


Parents, students, faculty and employees will be given cash incentive for every new student referral who enrolls officially at Angelicum College.
1. Referral should be made officially by accompanying the new student who wishes to enroll at Angelicum College to the Registrar’s Office. A referral slip must be filled in and should be authorized by the registrar.

2. The parent, student, faculty and employee referrer should guide the new student until enrollment is done officially.

3. A cash incentive of P500.00 per new enrolled and fully paid student shall be awarded to the referrer in the following manner:

a. For parents and student referral, incentive shall be paid in check starting September of a particular school year. Second semester referrals in the college department shall be paid starting February of each school year.

b. Referrers in the home study program shall be paid starting September and February preceding the enrollment of referred student.

c. For faculty and employee, it shall be given via payroll crediting.

4. The referral incentive shall be paid only once for every new student.

5. Administrators, the external affairs department, the registrar and those who have direct responsibility over marketing and promotions are exempted from the referral incentive program.

6. The referral incentive program can be extended to our feeder school, foundations and partner parishes. This however should be done through and shall be facilitated by the external affairs department. Payment of incentive shall be done through check to the participating feeder school and partner parishes.


A loyalty discount shall be granted to graduate students of Angelicum College upon enrollment as follows:

a. 5% discount on tuition fees for YS 8 enrollees who have completed YS 1 to YS 7at Angelicum College.
b. 5% discount on tuition fees for one semester for students who finished their basic education at Angelicum College (YS-8 to YS-11) and are enrolling in any of our college courses.
c. 10% discount on tuition fees for one semester for students who finished their basic education at Angelicum College (YS-1 to YS-11) and are enrolling in any of our college courses.


Effective Academic Year 2012-2013, children of our graduates/alumni who are enrolled in any of our programs both basic and college education shall be entitled to a 5% discount on tuition fees. The following provisions shall apply:

1. The discount is applicable to current and incoming students.
2. The discount is applicable on a per child basis.
3. Only one type of discount can be availed by alumni parent. They have the option to avail of either the Family Discount or the Alumni Discount in case they have two or more children enrolled at the college.
4. The availing alumni parent is an officially registered member of the Angelicum College Alumni Association

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