Angelicum Alumni Batch 89 Walks Through Memory Lane

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Years pass but the true alma mater spirit remains in their hearts.  Honoring the memory of 20 years of camaderie, Angelicum Alumni Batch ’89 commemorates it through a series of eventful and charitable deeds.

Among other things, Batch ’89 hosted a Medical Mission Day at Villa España Adopted Community (VEACOA) of Angelicum on December 06, 2009.  Medical practitioners from the batch spearheaded the medical mission with the assistance of employees and student volunteers of Angelicum.  The same batch also took part in the souvenir program sponsorship of Alikabok: the Musical, the play that showcased at the MERALCO Theater the homegrown talents of Angelicum College (AC) in order to sustain its program for the marginalized.

A Eucharistic celebration at the AC Chapel indicates the climax of the batch mates’ reunion and the simple yet meaningful affair takes its final stage at Party Avenue, Thomas Morato, Quezon City on the same chosen date—December 12, 2009 when music, food and drinks, laughter, and unending chat of what-has-been filled the air at the venue.  Soon after, nostalgia whips up as the projector flashes their photos from yesteryears.  Each attendee recollects memories that were shared back in the days.

Although separated by years, Angelicum Alumni Batch ’89 then proves that despite personal success and differences, friendship always stays the same.

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