Registrar's Office

Message from the Head

The Registrar’s Office is dedicated to supporting the mission of UST Angelicum College and its Dominican values by engaging the students, faculty, administration, alumni, and the general public that it serves. It performs a wide range of functions and services related to governance and student records management from admission to graduation


The mission of the Registrar’s Office is to foster the academic experience of the students by providing the administrative and logistical support to the programs of the College. The Office contributes to this by serving as the custodian of all student record, managing and developing the student information system for all areas related to admission, enrollment, course information, transmuted numerical equivalent/transcript production, and completion/graduation. At the heart of this mission must reflect integrity, accuracy, security, efficiency and a high-level of service.

Request for Documents

Programs and Services

Receiving Request and Releasing of Authenticated Transcript of Records/Diploma

UST Angelicum College shall process all requests for CAV of all graduates and for study abroad applications upon presentation of the TOR and Diploma.


To receive and process the application for authentication of TOR and/or diploma within the set period of time.


This process involves receiving the application for authentication of TOR, diploma and other credentials requested.

  1. All requests for CAV shall be processed within 10 working days.
  2. The applicant must be cleared from any accountability before the request may be processed.
  3. Clearance shall be processed if last one was made 5 years ago
  4. If no TOR and/or Diploma were presented for CAV, the applicant should include these in the request and an additional 7 working days if required to process CAV.
  1. The Registrar Staff shall receive the TOR and/or diploma together with the request slip for CAV and checks the authenticity of the documents presented.
  2. The Registrar Staff shall prepare the payment slip indicating the amount to be paid and shall instruct the applicant to proceed to the Cashier for payment and to return with the official receipt for recording purposes.
  3. The Registrar Staff shall prepare and hand in to the applicant the claim stub upon receipt of the official receipt indicating the date of release.
  4. The Registrar Staff shall prepare the transmittal of all CAV requests and forwards it together with the original documents to the Records Custodian for retrieval of Permanent Record and verifies the following:
    • Authenticity of the Diploma and/or transcript
    • Correctness of the signatures of the signatories
    • Authenticity of the dry seal
    • Correctness of the Special-Order No.
    • Alterations, if any.
  5. In the event that the applicant is an undergraduate the Registrar staff shall:
    • Retrieve clearance from the permanent record
    • Instruct the applicant to have the clearance revalidated at the Accounting Department if the TOR presented was issued 5 years ago or more from the present date.
  6. In the event that the applicant is an undergraduate and not currently enrolled with no document presented for authentication, the Registrar staff shall:
    • Request the Records Custodian for the Learner’s Permanent Record and checks the completeness of the records:
      • Form 137 or TOR (if transferee) (original)
      • Certificate of Good moral character (original)
      • Birth Certificate (photocopy)
      • Form 138 (original)
    • Request the applicant to complete records if found to be incomplete before applying for a TOR.
    • Request the applicant to process the clearance.
  7. In the event that the applicant is currently enrolled with no document presented for authentication, the Registrar Staff shall:
    • Check the Learner’s Permanent Record the school years completed and shall inform the applicant that only the completed school years / semesters can be included in the request for TOR and authentication.
  8. The Registrar Staff/Liaison Officer shall forward the documents for processing of application to CHED.
Receiving and Releasing of Request Documents

UST Angelicum College ensures to process and release documents requested within the specified number of days.


To receive requests for documents and advise students of the documents required prior to the release of the requested document.


This process involves receiving the application for request and advising the requesting student on the process and required documents.

  1. All currently enrolled students requesting for evaluation are not required to process clearance.
  2. No document requested shall be released to any student / institution unless cleared from all accountabilities.
  3. All documents issued or released must bear the Registrar’s dry seal, documentary stamp placed at the dry seal portion and the signature of the Registrar.
  4. Only the student himself of his/her duly authorized representative or the parents or guardian indicated in the Student’s Permanent Record if the student is a minor may process request for the issuance or release of documents.
  5. All requests shall be released as follows:
    • Evaluation (College Graduating Batch Processing) – 30 working days after submission of midterm grade
    • Diploma – 7 working days
    • Certificate of Attendance and other purposes – 3 working days
    • Transcript of Records – 7 working days
    • True Copy of Grades – 7 working days
    • Course Description – 7 working days
Processesing of Various Certifications

Certification shall be processed and issued only upon presentation of the accomplished clearance and shall be available for release after three (3) working days from receipt of request and clearance.


To ensure the issuance of the appropriate certification to students, former students, industry partners and graduates.


This covers certification of existing school records of the student.k

  1. The Information Desk Officer receives the Request Application Form for requested certification and forwards request to the Records custodian for the retrieval of the learners’ permanent record.
  2. The Records Custodian shall forward the learner’s envelope to the Records officer and shall check the following:
    • Records Request Application Form
    • Form 137 from the previous school
    • Certificate of good moral character
    • If transferee, complete transfer credentials (TOR, Certificate of GMC, Honorable dismissal)
    • Application for enrollment
    • Clearance form
  3. The Records Officer shall verify proof of entitlement to the requested certification. If the person requesting for certification is not currently enrolled, the application must be accompanied by an accomplished clearance form to determine if student still has accountability:
    • Graduation – check if the student’s permanent record is stamped “graduate” or issued SO number.
    • Enrollment – check if the students Registration form is validated
    • Units earned – check all the subjects passed by the student and summarize the total number of units earned
    • Medium of instruction – no need for validation because it is a fact that English is the medium of instruction at Angelicum College.
    • Candidacy for Graduation – validate and check the curriculum checklist of the student if all subjects were passed and that the remaining ones are actually enrolled.
    • General weighted average – compute the general weighted average of the student
  4. The Records officer shall prepare the requested certification after ascertaining the entitlement for the certification and forwards to the Registrar Head for approval and signature and returns the student’s permanent record to the Records Custodian for re-filling.
  5. The Information Desk Officer logs the document into the Registrar Logbook and signature to acknowledge receipt of document
Authentication of School Documents

The Registrar’s Office validates the authenticity of school documents such as TOR and diploma to certify accuracy and authenticity of documents.


To authenticate documents for specific purpose declared by the requesting graduate/ student.


This covers validation of the authenticity of school documents. Any tampering of the document shall automatically include the student or graduate in the blacklisted database of the Records Officer.

  1. The student/parent submits the physical copy of the record/document to the Registrar’s Office.
  2. The Records Officer shall ensure that documents for authentication shall strictly match with the existing records in the Registrar’s office.
  3. The Records Custodian shall include in the learner’s envelope the Request Application form.
Receiving of Request and Releasing of Certification of Transfer Eligibility

UST Angelicum College shall release students’ records / documents only to the student himself or if minor, to the parents or guardians indicated in the students’ /learners’ permanent record upon presentation of the accomplished clearance


To receive the application for Certificate of Transfer Eligibility and to advise them immediately on the process and required documents that need to be submitted to the Registrars prior to release of CTE.


This process involves receiving the application for Certificate of Transfer Eligibility or other requested documents for transfer to other school

  1. Learner/student must secure clearance before document requested can be processed.
  2. Learner/student must submit all lacking documents from previous school in the Learner’s Permanent Record.
  3. All requests for Certificate of Transfer includes request for GMC and TOR/F-137.
  4. F-137/TOR shall be sent to the requesting school upon receipt of the Certificate of Transfer Eligibility Reply Slip.
  5. Request for Certificate of Transfer Eligibility shall be made only by the student himself, in the event that the learner is a minor, the parent/guardian as indicated in the Learner’s permanent record can make the request.
  1. Receiving the request for certificate of transfer eligibility
    • The Information Desk Officer shall instruct the student/ Learner/ Parent/ Guardian to accomplish the clearance form before processing of the requested documents such as:
      • Certificate of Transfer Eligibility
      • Transcript of Records / TNE
      • Form 137
      In the event that an authorized representative shall process the application, the following documents must be presented:
      • Authorization letter indicating the name of the representative
      • Student’s ID
      • 2 valid IDs of the representative with picture and signature
      If the Learner is a minor, only the parent or guardian as indicated in the Learner’s Permanent Record are allowed to make the request.
    • The Record Custodian receives the request and verifies completeness of the records that includes
      • Form 137 from the previous school
      • Birth Certificate
      • Form 138 (original)
      • Certificate of good moral character
      • True copy of grades
      • Student’s Clearance to determine accountability, should there be any
      If the record is incomplete:
      • The student shall be instructed to submit a copy of the identified deficiencies prior to granting of the request for Transcript of Records.
      • The Registrar shall issue a letter of request for the issuance of the Form 137 signed by the Registrar and shall inform the student to:
        • Hand carry the letter of request to his/her previous school to directly get the Form 137 to be submitted to Angelicum College, and
        • For transferees, submit the Form 137 / TOR in a sealed envelope duly signed by the Registrar or his/her representative.
    • The Records Custodian checks documents needed for the Certificate of Transfer Eligibility such as:
      • True copy of grades
      • Certificate of good moral character
      • TOR to be processed and mailed to the school upon return of the Request slip
    • The Registrar Staff shall assess the service fee for the requested documents to be processed and shall instruct the student, parent or guardian to proceed to the Cashier for the payment of the amount and to return together with the official receipt to get the claim slip.
  2. Releasing of certificate of transfer eligibility
    • The Student, Parent or Guardian shall present to the Information Desk Officer the claim slip together with a valid ID and/or authorization letter to claim documents requested.
    • The Information Desk Officer shall verify the availability of the requested document and shall affix the school seal and attach the documentary stamp and records document requested into the Registrar Logbook - Releasing.
    • The Information Desk Officer shall instruct the student, parent or guardian or his/her authorized representative to acknowledge receipt of the requested documents by affixing his/her signature on the space provided in the Registrar Logbook – Releasing.